3 Mar 2018

The stage was set! The setting was the world famous Lumpinee stadium in Bangkok! Two Muay protagonists stepped over the ropes with a desire to be crowned WBC MuayThai welterweight champion of the world.

Last Tuesday night, the 27th of February at the aforementioned Lumpinee stadium Thailand?s Buakiew from the famed Sitsongpeenong gym and BoBo Sacko from France were those two combatants who longed to wear the coveted ?Green Beauty? around their waist.

Make no bones about it: going into this world championship bout, the Frenchman was the favorite to snatch glory for himself, family and fans ? he had beaten English MuayThai superstar Liam Harrison back in December ? and only three weeks before last Tuesday nights colossal title fight, he beat Thailand?s Changpuak on the All-Star MuayThai event in France.

Buakiew, for his part had a mixed bag of momentum in the run up to this fight ? back in December he beat the current Rajadamnern stadium super-welterweight champion, Sibmuen, in a supreme dominant performance, winning the bout on points, then came the rematch at the end of January, which Buakiew lost via a thunderous elbow KO.

The WBC welterweight title bout:

The opening round was very much a controlled affair with both fighters leading with their jabs and push-kicks, whilst looking to assert early ring prowess, on a couple of occasions Buakiew landed crisp knees to the body of Sacko, whilst BoBo was launching low leg-kicks to try and set his authority in the early exchanges.

The second and third rounds saw the action turn up a notch with both fighters trading damaging shots to the head and body, neither boxer took a step back from the pulsating action ? it was the last minute or so of the third round that saw Buakiew solidify his dominance in the clinch, with some clean effective aggression.

The fourth round became Buakiew?s round: he pulled his opponent into deep waters with a dogged display of clinching, landing demoralizing knees to the body and soul of Sacko. As the round progressed the Sitsongpeenong predator hunted his prey from corner to post, with a blood-thirsty appetite and craving for the alluring ?Green Beauty? ? otherwise known as the WBC Muaythai world title belt.

Finally, with twelve seconds to go in the round, a brave Sacko succumbed to the unrelenting onslaught after Buakiew launched a perfectly executed roundhouse kick to the body of the Frenchman, which sent him crashing to the canvas: BoBo bravely rose to his feet ? but a wise decision was taken by the referee in charge to call a halt to the bout after four fantastic rounds of action.

The crowning glory:

Buakiew did it! He was enthroned as the new welterweight King of the WBC Muaythai. He showcased tremendous heart, passion, desire and fortitude in his quest for glory.

On behalf of General Kovid and everyone at the WBC we salute both fighters for showing the world how exquisite and beautiful the fighting art of MuayThai really is.

By: Kevin P Noone

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