22 Aug 2018

New rising stars were showcased at the Eastern Warring Dragon Greater China Region Professional Boxing Muaythai Championships held in Hong Kong on August 15.

Eastern Warring Dragon (EWD) under the promotional organization of Song Ke, Chairman of
the China-based International Boxing Council (IBC), staged the first ever WBC Female
Diamond Championship as the main event.

The Southorn Indoor Stadium was filled to near capacity with over 2, 000 fans attending
despite reports of a passing tropical cyclone.

In the eagerly awaited 60 kg. undercard clash Khuncherng Muaythai?s top star Chu King
Chung (HK) scored a huge win against Macau?s Wang Xiao (Tiger Power), the Legend of
Wenzhou, for the EWD Southern China regional title fought under full WBCMT rules.

The fight should have taken place on May 24, and the delay turned into fuel on fire.
Wang established an early lead with powerful kicks. But Chu the lanky ? Kick of Gold ?
midway into the second round took total control and struck four elbows to Wang?s head
resulting in a referee stoppage by TKO.

HK star Chan Yeuk Man outpointed Chou Xiao Fei from the Golden Armour Club
(Guangzhou) to take the belt for the 57 kg. EWD Greater China Title under WBC rules and

In the main event the world of muaythai was fixated to know whether Ruth ?The Queen?
Ashdown (Great Britain) 38, could overcome the barriers of age and beat a primed young
opponent 20 year-old ?Poison Ivy? Dokmaipa (Thailand).

Dokmaipa (Sirisopa Sirisak) weighing in at 56.9 kg, a university student with some 80 fights
under her belt, and a WMC world champion, proved to be a perfect match for The Queen.

After the ceremonial national anthems had been played, and the traditional Wai Kru
performed, the female muaythai fight of the decade saw Ashdown probe her opponent?s
defense with fists and the Thai southpaw countered with left kicks and straight punches.
When the two clinched there were some wicked exchanges of elbow swipes.

After two even round the crowd roared as the two contenders slugged it out toe-to-toe in
round three, exchanging hard kicks and destructive punches. An ambush elbow from the Thai
landed high on the Brit?s forehead, causing a flow of crimson. Dokmaipa won the round

In the fourth, the Thai challenger was content to display passivity. The iron lady of Britain
was however unforgiving in her offensive assaults. The Thai defended well, but just before
time ran out was backed against the ropes and had to deflect elbow swipes at close range.

The last round saw the final outburst of fury by both. Exhaustion did not stand in the way of
victory. Though handicapped by a long head cut Ashdown attacked with punches with
renewed vigor, as her foe back-paddled and replied with kick after kick in typical Thai-style.

It was a hard earned victory for Ashdown who was jubilant though her facial complexion was
reddened by smears of blood. A classic drama. Ashdown a true Lady of the Ring for her
resolve to achieve glory and execute a winning game plan. Full credit to Dokmaipa who had
the fight won after the third but could not stop her rival?s come back that turned the tide.

The final contest featured colorful muaythai stylist Linglom Yodsiam Fairtex (Thai) 65 kg
who TKO?d Italian Englishman Lawrence ? White Man?s Law ? Baachi in round three, on an
injury caused by a chisel-like elbow to the spot between the eyes.

In the boxing preliminaries Hong Kong?s top talent in amateur boxing, Yuan Man Chun,
weathered the mobile offensives of Taiwan?s College Games premier fighter, Pan Chi Cheng,
to finish the six-round pro-am boxing contest on a unanimous verdict, taking the IBC Eastern
Warring Dragon 60 kg. title belt.

Former ABCO 130-pound titlist Thep Petchnumchai ( Thai ) fought Beijing?s Hacker Liu
Sen, for four fast-action rounds, to win the 64 kg. bout.

Writtten by : Patrick Cusick

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