1 Jul 2019

Congratulations to Wynn Neo on becoming the inaugural World Boxing Council MuayThai featherweight champion of Singapore.

Neo’s performance tonight, was nothing short of technical brilliance, as he ‘powered’ and ‘glided’ his way to victory — a win that came via a unanimous points decision.

Judge 1: 49-45
Judge 2: 50-45
Judge 3: 50-44

Credit is due to his opponent, Vincent Chew, who ate a barrage of kicks, elbows and knees, over 15 minutes of action — the third round saw Mr. Chew take a big bite of the action, but it was to be Neo’s night and he performed some ‘Matrix’ like moves in the encounter.

The ruthlessness of Neo really shone through, in the midst of the 4th round, when he sent his opponent crashing to the canvas — for an eight count!

The fifth and final round was more of the same, as the champion to be, never took a backward, on his way to sealing the domestic WBC MuayThai glory.

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