The expansion of MuayThai activities in Italy witnessed another step in the right direction, this past weekend in Rome, at a gathering of sporting entities.

At the conclusion of the event, WBC MuayThai Italy President Max Baggio stated, “It was a great pleasure to meet the Italian NOC President Giovanni Malagò, at the City of Rome Award.

WBC MuayThai wants to send our best congratulations on the reconfirmation during the recent elections for the Presidency of the Italian Olympic Committee.

This venue represented the ideal opportunity to formalize the collaboration between WBC MuayThai Italy and OPES.

OPES is a sports promotion organization recognized by the Italian Olympic Committee. We have chosen OPES as our institutional partner to develop the great activity that WBC MuayThai Italy is preparing to organize in Italy.

I personally thank the President of Opes, Mr. Marco Perissa, the secretary Mr. Juri Morico, the Vice-President Mr. Davide Fioriello, and the manager of the training sector Mr. Vittorio Rosati.

The belt in the picture will be the prize on the line for the upcoming WBC MuayThai Italian heavyweight national title next, set for July 3rd, at Cerea (VR).”

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