Wednesday, May 26, 2021: The city of Melbourne awaits the next installment of Hardcore MuayThai promotions which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 26.

The show will feature three WBC MuayThai championships, one national title, and two Victoria State championship showdowns

In a battle of Queensland versus Victoria, Britney Dolheguy, fighting out of Strikeforce gym, will clash with Tiff Lamb, fighting out of SupaFight gym and GTG gym, for the vacant WBC MuayThai featherweight title

In a matchup for the vacant WBC MuayThai Victoria State super-welterweight title, Tim Nguyen, fighting out of Senshi gym, will collide with Reef Strut, representing Beast gym.

Sulaiman Haschemi will challenge Corey Barret for the vacant WBC MuayThai Victoria State super-lightweight title in another hotly-anticipated matchup for the event.

The entire show is stacked with a host of regional MuayThai talent set to showcase their MuayThai fighting skills.

On behalf of everyone at WBC MuayThai, we wish the fighters a safe and successful event and thank Marc Gelsi and his team for their support.