Saturday, August 7, 2021: The sport of Muaythai is slowly, but surely coming out fighting across many parts of the world with restrictions in many countries easing over recent weeks.

In Belgium, the city of Esneux plays host to an evening of MuayThai on Sunday, August 22. One of the highlight bouts for the evening will see two young athletes face off for the WBC MuayThai under 18 world title.

In France versus Belgium, rising French athlete Enzo Payrastre will challenge Belgian prodigy Benjamin Bongard in what promised to be an excellent showcase of elite Youth MuayThai under the WBC MuayThai youth development program.

The entire team at the WBC MuayThai wishes both young athletes the best of luck for their upcoming encounter. We also send a special words thanks to the hosts of the event.