Sunday, August 22, 2021: The setting was sublime. An opulent poolside outdoor venue in the Swiss town of Lyssach.

The main event featured a two-time WBC MuayThai champion and number 6 world-ranked WBC super-welterweight star Thibaut Valentino against local rising star Dani Rodriguez.

The prize on the line was the WBC MuayThai European super-welterweight championship strap. For Valentino, a victory would surely put him in line for the newly vacant WBC MuayThai super-welterweight world title. For Rodriguez, a win over Valentino would catapult him into the upper echelons of the WBC world rankings.

The fight came. The opening bell rang to kickstart the first of five scheduled rounds of uncertainty to see how both combatants would approach the championship showdown.

Dani shone brightest. He came with a will to win. He faced off against a big star, a fighter with a proven pedigree in Thibaut Valentino — last night was Dani’s night — he had his hand raised in victory after five rounds of battle, a unanimous points decision. With that, Dani Rodriguez is the new WBC MuayThai European superwelterweight champion. A bright future awaits the Swiss MuayThai star.

A special word of thank you to Mr. Neffa Marai and the promotion team at FightTime promotions, and our very own Paulo Balicha and Max Baggio for a tremendous collaboration this weekend in Switzerland.

The WBC MuayThai team in Europe, led by our European Chairman Daniel Suarez, are leading the way out of the recent doom and gloom.