Monday, September 13, 2021: When MuayThai aficionados think of elite level MuayThai and the famed arenas of Bangkok, Lumpinee Stadium sits up there with the best of them as an iconic MuayThai venue.

A new management team. An updated vision of progression from the stadiums boss has led us to the point where we are this week — on September 18— as the first-ever female WBC MuayThai world title contest will take place on the grounds of the famed stadium.

This move toward equality and inclusion for all, has been a longtime coming. We are delighted it has arrived. The honor for the inaugural female showdown goes to two daughters of Thailand, Sanaejan SorJor Tongprajin and Buakaw Morkorchor Chaiyaphum. 

They will clash for the WBC MuayThai mini-flyweight world title and the Lumpinee mini-flyweight title in a history making unification contest. 

The defining moment for MuayThai and for sport will be shown live via starting at 6pm (local time. Viewers can also watch the event live via the WBC MuayThai Facebook page and the GoSport YouTube channel.