This past weekend in Basel, Switzerland the WBC MuayThai Swiss team hosted an in-depth workshop for aspiring and experienced MuayThai ring officials.

Proceedings were led by veteran WBC MuayThai referee and judge Mr. Nash Keshwala, International chairman for the WBC MuayThai ring officials committee. Thank you to Paula Balicha and all those who participated.

The seminar covered all aspects of referring and judging with crucial topics such as…..

The Referee:

  • The four F’s a referee adheres too
  • The mindset of a referee
  • Physical Appearance
  • Triangle Positioning
  • In-ring duties
  • Interaction with the Ring Doctor
  • Duty of Care for downed fighters
  • Commands & Instructions
  • Rules & Regulations of the fight
  • Duties on Fouls
  • Analysis of Errors
  • The timekeeper

The Judge:

  • Core competencies of a judge
  • Ten-Point Must System Explained
  • Margins in scoring rounds
  • Scoring knockdowns
  • Fundamentals of Scoring
  • Judge & Analyze Complete Fights
  • In-Depth Discussions & Debate