Wednesday, June 7, 2023: The World Boxing Council began boxing activity in the early 2000 ́s with the vision and dedication of our late Board member Frank Quill from Australia as he arranged ring officials and trainers’ education with the aid of legendary referee Bruce McTavish and several other boxing enthusiasts. The WBC was the first organization to enter China; the first to crown a professional world champion, as Xiong Chao Zhong conquered the WBC world strawweight championship on November 24, 2012; the first organization to organize a world boxing convention and the work in such country has been relentless throughout the years.

In 2005, Mr. Alex Tsui was introduced to our late President Jose Sulaiman as part of a team headed by WBC Vice President General Kovid Bhakdibhumi and WBC International Secretary Patrick Cusick. Those efforts resulted in the WBC Muay Thai Committee becoming active in South China. In 2006, Don José Sulaiman (RIP) met with Mr. Alex Tsui. Following that meeting, Don José issued a letter to Mr. Tsui allowing him to represent the WBC in South China.

Throughout the ensuing years and until 2022, Mr. Tsui undertook various activities in South China under the auspices of the WBC Muay Thai Committee. During that time, Mr. Tsui unfortunately made numerous decisions contrary to and/or without seeking or obtaining the WBC Muay Thai Committee’s authorization or endorsement. There were many attempts to try to resolve these delicate matters amicably without success.

Finally In 2022, the WBC Muay Thai Committee removed Mr. Tsui due to unacceptable behavior, specifically due to Mr. Tsui’s refusal to work with promoters duly registered with the WBC Muay Thai Committee and ignore and disregard leadership authority from the WBC Muay Thai Committee’s headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman founded WBC China Committee and assigned executives in 2018 to help and support boxing development under the same umbrella of WBC in the Greater China Zone covering mainland China, Taiwan, H. K., and Macau. All WBC professional boxing activities in China, including South China, fall under the authority of the WBC China Committee.

In 2022, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman confirmed in writing to Mr. Tsui that the only entities the WBC authorized to represent its interests in China and South China were the WBC Muay Thai Committee and the WBC China Committee. President Sulaiman further reiterated to Mr. Tsui that he could not undertake any initiatives or be involved in any activities in that territory without going through those two entities. In defiance of the WBC President’s directive, Mr. Tsui has continued to present himself as an official WBC Representative of the Southern China Region, which he is not.

For instance, through Muay Thai gymnasiums in Hong Kong, Mr. Tsui has continued to advertise and offer WBC Muay Thai certified training courses. The WBC Muay Thai Committee has approached several gymnasiums and inquired about the origin of the authorization to offer WBC Muay Thai training certifications. The WBC Muay Thai Committee has been informed that Mr. Tsui has represented to those gyms that he was authorized to offer those courses. Mr. Tsui also has presented counterfeit WBC belts at events without the authorization or endorsement of the WBC.

The WBC would like to inform all entities and individuals involved in any kind of unarmed combat-related activities in any region of China including, but not limited to, South China (e.g., Hong Kong and Macau) that Mr. Alex Tsui does not represent the WBC, or any entities legitimately associated with the WBC. The only entities that have the WBC’s authority to act on its behalf in those regions are the WBC Muay Thai and the WBC China Committees.
WBC China Committee Chairman Aku Zhang [email protected]
WBC China Committee Co-Chairman Kevin Noone [email protected]
WBC Muay Thai Committee Chairman Col. Thanapol Bhakdibhumi [email protected]