Sunday, October 1, 2023: In what can be aptly described as a classic war of attrition and a showcase of high-level MuayThai, Germany’s Gerardo Atti came back from injury to reclaim the outright WBC MuayThai cruiserweight world title via a split points victory over reigning WBC MuayThai world champion Scott Stewart on last night’s SuperShowDown event in Bolton, UK.

Both champions left everything in the ring, including the kitchen sink. They are classy in and out of the ring as champions of the sport of MuayThai after five hard-fought, close rounds of pulsating action.

In the aftermath of the contest, human error from the WBC fight supervisor wrongly gave the MC on the night a result that the fight was a split points draw when, in fact, the scores were rightly scored with two judges awarding the fight to Atti and one judge scoring the contest to Stewart which was in fact a split points win for Atti. The error was recognized immediately, and the correct result was then read out at the stadium, which saw Atti recrowned as the outright WBC champion of the world.

We would love to see a rematch of these two great warriors, and on behalf of the WBC MuayThai, we apologize to all involved for the human error on the night.