Saturday, November 4, 2023: Barcelona, a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture, played host to a thrilling night of boxing as the WBC International Titles were fiercely contested. With a lineup featuring top-notch fighters from various countries, fight enthusiasts were treated to a spectacular evening of action-packed bouts.

In the main event, the battle for the WBC International Super-lightweight Title unfolded as Spain’s very own José Quevedo squared off against the Tunisian challenger, Fahdi Khaled. Both fighters displayed their remarkable skills and determination in a high-stakes showdown, leaving fans at the edge of their seats.

Another highlight of the evening was the clash for the WBC International Super-bantamweight Title between Morocco’s Mehdi El Hamari and Spain’s Soufian Ben Zerrouk. The two warriors exchanged blows and showcased their resilience, making this match a memorable one for the audience.

In the WBC Europe Super-lightweight Title bout, England’s Alfie Ponting faced off against Spain’s Hamza Boussalham, bringing an international flavor to the fight night. The battle for supremacy in the super-lightweight division was intense, and the fighters left no stone unturned in their quest for victory.

The WBC Spain Super-welterweight Title was up for grabs as Kenneth Alarcon Bela took on Mouad Zouri. This domestic clash was a testament to the talent pool in Spain, with both fighters displaying their grit and determination in a bid to become the champion.

In the undercard, the action continued with the WBC Spain Under18 Flyweight Title bout featuring Asunción Lacruz and Marta López. The crowd witnessed the young talents of the sport as they vied for this prestigious title.

Additionally, the WBC Spain Under18 Mini-flyweight Title was contested by Damaris Lloret and Tayma Rios, showcasing the bright future of boxing in Spain.

The entire event was promoted by the dedicated and passionate David Pedrosa, who played a crucial role in bringing this electrifying fight night to Barcelona.

In the end, the fight day in Barcelona left fans in awe, as the boxers displayed their skills, determination, and heart in the ring. The event served as a reminder of the universal appeal of the sport, transcending borders and bringing together people from different backgrounds to celebrate the art of boxing.