Bangkok, Thailand – June 1st, 2024: Last night, Bangkok’s iconic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium was the epicenter of a thrilling event, the World League of Fighters. The venue, renowned for its rich history in MuayThai, hosted an electrifying night in front of a near-capacity crowd.

In the middle of the action

The evening featured five gripping MuayThai fights that kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Fighters from around the world showcased their skills, blending traditional techniques with modern flair, demonstrating why MuayThai remains one of the most respected martial arts globally.

Counter punch

Fight Results:

Cruiserweight: Anatolli Shponarskyi (Ukraine) secured a points win over Rauf Gerayzade (Azerbaijan).

Featherweight: Dana Begzhonova (Russia) triumphed on points against Alba Morral (Spain).


Middleweight: Santanfah Sitsongpeenong (Thailand) defeated Mahabbat Humbatov (Azerbaijan) on points.


Welterweight: Surya Sagar (India) won via decision against Deividas Danyla (Lithuania).


Light-heavyweight: Ali Kabdulla (Kazakhstan) claimed victory with a TKO over Martin Mezhlumyan (Armenia).


Adding to the spectacle, international DJs took to the stage, infusing the atmosphere with pulsating beats that kept the energy levels high throughout the night. The event also featured performances by some of Thailand’s most popular music stars, including the dynamic rapper TwoPee and the talented singer Kratae. Their performances were a hit, further energizing the enthusiastic crowd.

The energy of the crowd
Kratae performing live
Wai Kru Performance

The event was supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, highlighting the country’s commitment to promoting its cultural heritage through sports and entertainment. The mix of high-octane fights and vibrant musical performances provided a perfect showcase for Thailand’s rich cultural tapestry.


Overall, the World League of Fighters at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium was a resounding success, offering a night of unforgettable entertainment and proving once again why Bangkok is a premier destination for sports and culture.

Ring officials team
Guests of honor

Stay tuned. More to come from the team at the World League of Fighters in collaboration with the WBC and the Tourism Authority of Thailand.