The highly anticipated ROAR Fighting Championship is set to electrify the Harrow Leisure Centre on June 29th, 2024. This event features a thrilling showdown between two seasoned fighters: Lyndon Knowles and Simon Mendes. Fans of Muay Thai are eagerly awaiting what promises to be a night of intense and exhilarating combat.

Fighters’ Background

Lyndon Knowles:
Lyndon Knowles, standing at 6’1”, brings a wealth of experience to the ring. At 38 years old, Knowles has an impressive fight record, having fought 95 bouts with 76 wins and 16 losses. Known for his resilience and tactical prowess, Knowles has become a formidable figure in the world of Muay Thai. His career has been marked by numerous high-stakes fights, and he has consistently demonstrated the skill and determination that have made him a crowd favorite.

Simon Mendes:
On the other side of the ring, 28-year-old Simon Mendes stands at 6’2” and is rapidly making a name for himself in the sport. With a total of 46 fights, Mendes boasts 28 wins and 11 losses. Despite being a decade younger than Knowles, Mendes has shown remarkable growth and tenacity. His agility and powerful strikes have earned him a reputation as a rising star in Muay Thai. This fight is an important milestone in his career as he seeks to solidify his standing among the elite fighters.

The Match-Up

The fight between Knowles and Mendes is more than just a clash of skill; it’s a battle between experience and youthful vigor. Knowles’ extensive ring knowledge and strategic approach will be pitted against Mendes’ explosive energy and adaptability. Both fighters have their strengths, and this match promises to be a test of endurance, technique, and mental fortitude.

Knowles’ experience gives him an edge in reading opponents and maintaining composure under pressure. His ability to stay calm and execute well-timed strikes could be crucial in countering Mendes’ aggressive style. On the other hand, Mendes’ youth and speed may pose a significant challenge to Knowles. His quick movements and powerful combinations could disrupt Knowles’ rhythm and give him an upper hand.

The Venue

The Harrow Leisure Centre, located at Christchurch Ave, Harrow, HA3 5BD, is the perfect setting for this epic showdown. Known for hosting a variety of sporting events, the venue offers excellent facilities and a vibrant atmosphere that will enhance the excitement of the night. Fans can expect a well-organized event with an electric ambiance, making it a memorable experience for all attendees.

What to Expect

Spectators can look forward to a night of high-octane action, filled with skillful displays of Muay Thai techniques. The ROAR Fighting Championship has a reputation for delivering top-notch events, and this fight is set to uphold that standard. Whether you are a long-time fan of the sport or new to Muay Thai, this event promises to deliver an unforgettable experience.

In conclusion, the fight between Lyndon Knowles and Simon Mendes is shaping up to be a highlight of the ROAR Fighting Championship. With both fighters eager to prove themselves, fans are in for a treat. Mark your calendars for June 29th, 2024, and get ready to witness an epic battle that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

For tickets and more information, visit the official ROAR Fighting Championship website or contact the Harrow Leisure Centre. Don’t miss out on this spectacular event!