Perth, Australia — June 16, 2024: In a thrilling display of skill and power, Thailand’s KongThailand Khao Sok MuayThai ascended to the pinnacle of the sport by capturing the WBC MuayThai super-welterweight world title. The momentous victory took place at last night’s 1774 MuayThai Series show in Sydney, Australia, marking a significant milestone in KongThailand’s career.

The bout, highly anticipated by MuayThai enthusiasts around the globe, saw KongThailand face off against Brazil’s formidable Luis Cajaiba. From the outset, KongThailand showcased his prowess, maintaining a strategic approach that kept his opponent on the defensive. The climax of the fight arrived in the second round when KongThailand unleashed a stunning left elbow, a move that would decisively change the course of the match.

Luis Cajaiba, known for his resilience and strength, struggled to recover from the powerful strike. The damage inflicted by the elbow was evident, and KongThailand seized the opportunity to press his advantage. The relentless assault culminated in a TKO victory, with the referee stepping in to halt the bout, declaring KongThailand the winner.

The triumph not only earned KongThailand the prestigious world title but also solidified his status as a top-tier athlete in the realm of MuayThai. His victory is a testament to his dedication, training, and strategic acumen within the ring.

KongThailand’s achievement is celebrated by fans and fellow athletes alike, recognizing the hard work and determination required to reach such a level of excellence. This milestone in his career sets a new standard for upcoming fighters and contributes to the rich legacy of MuayThai champions.

Congratulations to KongThailand on this historic accomplishment. The world of MuayThai looks forward to witnessing more of his exceptional performances and the further ascent of his illustrious career.