Friday, June 21, 2024: The stage is set for an exhilarating night of MuayThai as two championship titles are up for grabs in Tauranga. On June 22, fight fans will gather at Mercury BayPark to witness some of the best fighters in New Zealand compete in high-stakes bouts, promoted by the renowned Lights Out Fight Series.

WBC MuayThai New Zealand Heavyweight Title

Geovana Peres vs. Faith Mcmah

In the heavyweight division, Geovana Peres will face off against Faith Mcmah for the coveted WBC MuayThai New Zealand Heavyweight Title. Peres, known for her powerful strikes and formidable presence in the ring, is ready to showcase her skills and claim the title. Her opponent, Faith Mcmah, brings a blend of agility and tenacity, making her a challenging adversary in what promises to be a thrilling contest.

WBC MuayThai New Zealand Welterweight Title

Rob Horrocks vs. Kayne Conlon

The welterweight title bout will see Rob Horrocks take on Kayne Conlon. Horrocks, celebrated for his relentless offense and tactical approach, is set to test his mettle against Conlon, whose speed and precision have earned him a strong following. This match is anticipated to be a fast-paced and intense battle, with both fighters eager to secure the championship belt.

Event Details

Promoted by: Lights Out Fight Series
Location: Mercury BayPark, Tauranga
Date: June 22

Lights Out Fight Series is known for delivering top-notch combat sports events, and this championship doubleheader is expected to be no exception. With two titles on the line and a lineup of elite fighters, the atmosphere at Mercury BayPark is sure to be electric.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness MuayThai at its finest. Join us on June 22 for an unforgettable night of fights and the crowning of new champions.