Sunday, June 23, 2024: The WBC MuayThai New Zealand Welterweight Title fight between Rob Horrocks and Kayne Conlon was a highly anticipated event, drawing attention from fight fans across the country. The match lived up to its expectations, becoming a grueling war of attrition between two of New Zealand’s elite fighters.

The Showdown:
Hosted by the renowned Lights Out Fight Series, the event took place at Mercury BayPark in Tauranga. The venue was electric with excitement as fans gathered to witness the clash of titans.

The Fighters:
Rob Horrocks and Kayne Conlon are both well-respected in the MuayThai community, known for their skill, resilience, and fighting spirit. The bout was expected to be evenly matched, with each fighter bringing their unique strengths to the ring.

The Fight:
From the opening bell, both Horrocks and Conlon displayed incredible technique and tenacity. The fight was a testament to their training and dedication, with neither willing to give an inch. The crowd watched in awe as the two warriors exchanged powerful strikes, strategic maneuvers, and exhibited top-tier endurance.

The Outcome:
After a relentless battle, it was Kayne Conlon who emerged victorious. Conlon’s performance was a masterclass in perseverance and strategy, allowing him to secure the win and claim the WBC MuayThai New Zealand Welterweight Title. The victory was a significant milestone in Conlon’s career, marking him as a champion among champions.

In Summary:
The Rob Horrocks vs. Kayne Conlon bout will be remembered as one of the most intense and memorable fights in New Zealand’s MuayThai history. Hosted by the Lights Out Fight Series at Mercury BayPark, the event highlighted the skill and determination of both fighters, with Conlon ultimately claiming the prestigious title.