The world of Muay Thai is set to experience an unprecedented celebration as the Amazing Muay Thai Masterclass Global Tour kicks off. This exciting tour will feature Muay Thai superstars and will be a grand showcase of the sport and its rich cultural heritage. Supported by the Thai Government’s Soft Power initiative, the tour aims to promote Muay Thai on a global scale and position Thailand as the premier destination for combat sports tourism.

Tour Locations and Dates:

• Perth, Australia

🗓️ September 7
• Calgary, Canada
🗓️ September 21
• Los Angeles, USA
🗓️ September 28
• Paris, France
🗓️ October 5
• Verona, Italy
🗓️ October 13
• Singapore
🗓️ October 19

Each event will feature legendary MuayThai fighters who will share their expertise through masterclasses, demonstrations, and interactive sessions. These events are not just for seasoned practitioners but also for beginners and enthusiasts who want to immerse themselves in the authentic Muay Thai experience.

Each event will also feature delicious Thai lunch and Thai dinner with extensive menus

Each event will feature a MuayThai quiz with giveaways and Muay talks with the stars and the audience interacting.

Highlights of the Tour:

• Masterclasses by Muay Thai Legends: Learn techniques and gain insights from some of the greatest fighters in Muay Thai history.

• Cultural Performances: Experience traditional Thai music, dance, and rituals that are integral to Muay Thai.

• Interactive Sessions: Participate in Q&A sessions, meet-and-greets, and photo opportunities with Muay Thai stars.

• Local Engagement: Each city will host additional activities that celebrate local cultures and the global reach of Muay Thai.

Soft Power Initiative:

The Thai Government’s Soft Power initiative is a strategic effort to use cultural diplomacy to enhance Thailand’s global image. By promoting Muay Thai, a sport deeply rooted in Thai culture, the initiative aims to attract tourists, foster cultural exchange, and establish Thailand as a leader in the global combat sports arena.

Full details of the Amazing Muay Thai Masterclass Global Tour will be announced soon. Stay tuned for updates and get ready to be part of a historic celebration of Muay Thai and Thai culture.