The anticipation is building as the countdown begins. On September 8, in the heart of Wigan, UK, the prestigious WBC MuayThai Super-middleweight World Title will be contested in a battle that promises to be nothing short of sensational.

Daniel Bonner: The Journey to the Pinnacle

Daniel Bonner, the #1 ranked fighter in the world, has been a dominant force in Muay Thai. Hailing from England, Bonner’s journey to this moment has been one of relentless dedication, fierce training, and an unwavering desire for the coveted green and gold glory. Known for his lightning-fast strikes and unyielding spirit, Bonner has faced numerous adversaries, each victory bringing him one step closer to his ultimate dream.

Andronikos Evripdou: The Cypriot Star

In the opposite corner stands Andronikos Evripdou, a top ten ranked fighter from Cyprus. Evripdou’s rise in the ranks has been meteoric, showcasing his exceptional skills and indomitable will. With the support of the WBC team in Cyprus, Evripdou has shone brightly, putting the spotlight on Muay Thai fighters from the island. His agility, power, and tactical acumen make him a formidable opponent, ready to take on the world’s best.

The Championship Showdown

The stage is set for a sensational showdown between these two warriors. The atmosphere in Wigan will be electric as fans from around the globe gather to witness this epic clash. Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Kevin Harper in the UK, the championship contest promises to be an unforgettable spectacle, highlighting the very best of Muay Thai.

As the fighters step into the ring, the world will be watching. Every punch, kick, and clinch will be a testament to their skill and determination. For Bonner, it’s a chance to finally achieve his dream. For Evripdou, it’s an opportunity to carve his name into the annals of WBC MuayThai history.

Mark Your Calendars

Don’t miss this event. On September 8, in Wigan, UK, the WBC MuayThai Super-middleweight World Title will be decided. Majestic Promotions invites you to be part of this incredible journey, celebrating the spirit and glory of Muay Thai.