The rise of female Muay Thai continues to captivate the world as two of the sport’s elite competitors prepare to clash this week for the coveted WBC world championship strap. This highly anticipated event will see Tessa Kakkonen from Finland take on Thailand’s Fah ChiangRai for the vacant WBC MuayThai Mini-flyweight World Title.

A Historic Opportunity for Finland

For Tessa Kakkonen, this fight represents more than just a chance at personal glory; it’s an opportunity to make history. Should she emerge victorious, Kakkonen would become Finland’s first-ever WBC MuayThai world champion. The Finnish fighter has shown remarkable skill and determination, earning her place in this high-stakes bout. Her journey to the top has been marked by rigorous training and an unyielding commitment to excellence.

The Challenge from Thailand

Standing in her way is Fah ChiangRai, a formidable opponent from the birthplace of Muay Thai. Thailand has a storied history in the sport, and ChiangRai embodies the rich tradition and expertise that comes with it. Known for her agility, power, and tactical prowess, ChiangRai is determined to bring another world championship back to her homeland. Her experience and dedication make her a tough contender for the title.

The Event

Promoted by Hannu Vappula, the fight is set to take place in Lahti, Finland, on July 13. This event promises to be a thrilling display of athleticism, strategy, and heart, drawing attention from Muay Thai enthusiasts around the globe. As the date approaches, fans eagerly await to see if Finland will crown its first WBC MuayThai world champion or if the championship will return to Thailand, reinforcing its legacy in the sport.

This bout is more than a fight; it’s a testament to the growing prominence and recognition of female athletes in MuayThai. The rise of female MuayThai continues to break barriers, inspire new generations, and elevate the sport to unprecedented heights.⬤