Saturday, May 22, 2021: The morning after the night before, and it’s still fresh in the minds of everyone in attendance, and those lucky enough to watch the stream. We are talking about night’s epic fight between Nathan Jones and Jordie Bargallie.

First up, congratulations to Nathan Jones for capturing the WBC MuayThai NSW State super-lightweight title. He earned it.

The fight had it all, from the opening bell in the first round the two fighters came for a good old-fashioned in-ring war, but, not just a war of throwing haymakers, both protagonists showcased their skills let of executing all eight limbs of the science of MuayThai fighting.

The third round was something special. Jones dropped Bargallie for an eight count, with a kick that would do any of the Kiatmoo9 gym boys proud, Bargallie survived the count, Jones was now a man on a mission to end the fight, but, almost twenty seconds after the restart Bargallie landed a perfectly-timed spinning elbow to send Jones crashing to the canvas, for an eight count. He got up….they went back to war and the bell signified the end of a cracking stanza.

The penultimate and final rounds were more of the same, the telling difference was Jones’s ability to effectively execute the greater number of scoring shots in the continuous exchanges.

After the final rang, the entire audience rose to their feet to in ovation of both of these modern-day gladiators. What a fight, it was!

The result went the way of Jones, he is the new WBC MuayThai New South Wales super-lightweight champion. His victory has meaning. Accolades in sport are important, they have value to those who spill sweat and blood in the pursuit of competing in our wonderful sport.

From everyone at the WBC MuayThai, we salute you Nathan Jones, and a special word of gratitude to Jordie Bargallie, too, what a warrior.

The final thoughts: 1774 MuayThai promotions raised the bar last night, their show from start to finish was executed with the highest standards of professionalism.

It is refreshing to witness the innovative energy from Airam Diaz, Michael Green, and their team at 1774 MuayThai promotions. Long May it continue. Gentleman. You are magnificent.