Tuesday, June 8, 2021: It’s been a long road to glory for Scotland’s George Mann who this past weekend became the new WBC MuayThai light-heavyweight champion of the world.

The Scottish-born fighter, based in Perth, Australia, fighting out of Riddlers MuayThai gym, overcame a gallant challenge in Australia’s Charlie Bubb, after a five-round battle of attrition to solidify his belief that the journey has been one worth traveling through the sport he has dedicated himself to.

The world championship showdown headlined the MTGP Australia event at Curtain Stadium in the southern suburbs of Perth.

Mann entered the ring to the roar of Sweet Caroline much to the delight of the local fans. For his part, Bubb entered the ring to an almost stern calmness with a supreme look of focus on the task ahead.

The man in charge, Bill Seth, ushered for the opening bell to ring — the world title fight was underway — it was Mann who set the tone in the opening stanza, landing cleaner body kicks, sweeping Bubb at the start of the round and with good defensive work throughout the full three minutes of the opening round.

The 22-year old continued to spoil the attacks of Bubb throughout the contest behind a well-developed strategy. Bubb landed some lovely combinations from behind the gloves and a few clean elbows found a home on Manns in the middle rounds.

The final bell rang — it was to be Mann’s night — he came, he saw and he conquered, not just this past Saturday night in Perth, but also the challenge of moving up a weight category to become the new WBC MuayThai light-heavyweight world champion.

A special word of praise goes out to the classy Charlie Bubb for presenting the new champion with his shiny and prestigious new WBC MuayThai world championship belt.

On behalf of WBC MuayThai President, Pol. General Kovid Bhakdibhumi, and everyone at the WBC, we congratulate George and the team at Riddlers gym for their night of success.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to Gavin, Nicola, Darius, and the team at MTGP Australia for once again hosting a night to remember for the sport of MuayThai in Australia.