Saturday, September 2, 2021: Ireland’s Cork City was the destination for the inaugural WBC MuayThai Celtic championship on tonight’s SiamWarriors event.

Two of Ireland’s and Scotland’s rising talents faced off for the right to be crowned WBC MuayThai Celtic featherweight title for the events showpiece encounter. Representing Ireland was Finn Keating. Scottish hopes lay with Bailey Graham.

Irish eyes were smiling at the end of the evening as Finn Keating claimed the beautifully designed Celtic title with a 5th round stoppage victory over Bailey Graham.

Before the late stoppage, the fight was nothing short of a sensational war of attrition. The crowd in attendance was on the edge of their seats as both combatants went toe-to-toe throughout.

The entire WBC MuayThai family congratulates Finn on his victory and thank our dear Martin Horgan and his team at Siam Warrior’s promotions for hosting the inaugural title.