The WBC MuayThai and its President, Royal Thai Police General Kovid Bhakdibhumi, are delighted to introduce the Nai Khanom Tom Challenge belt. The concept for this unique accolade was brought about to highlight the rich heritage and culture of the sport of MuayThai around the world, using the vast global brand recognition of the WBC as a platform for exposure.

The remarkable belt celebrates the legend of the father of MuayThai, the storied Thai warrior, Nai Khanom Tom, whose existence is the stuff of legendary tales from the late 1700s, as the protector of the kingdom of Siam. Every year, MuayThai enthusiasts worldwide descend on Thailand to celebrate the renowned warrior spirit of Nai Khanom Tom. Upon its inception in 2001, the WBC MuayThai has been a global voice for the sport and culture of MuayThai, the people’s sport, and the national sport of the Kingdom of Thailand, a sport that is now a worldwide sport, reaching all corners of the globe thanks to the endeavors of such organizations like the WBC MuayThai, and many other key stakeholders.

WBC MuayThai President Bhakdibhumi stated, “I am immensely proud to bear witness to this unique concept to introduce an accolade such as the Nai Khanom Tom Challenge belt. I want to thank the people at the prestigious Mae Fah Luang Foundation for their willingness to collaborate on this project. Moreover, I affirm the continued sole aim of the WBC MuayThai is to promote and protect the vibrant heritage of MuayThai as a sport and culture, from Thailand to the world.”

This belt honors Nai Khanom Tom and the heritage embraced by all Thai people. The belt has been designed in collaboration with the Doi Tung Development Project in the north of Thailand. With the creation of such an outstanding accolade, it pays homage to the spiritual and ancestral father of MuayThai sport and culture; the WBC humbly recognizes that this belt carries tremendous significance with a stunning caricature of Nai Khanom Tom embedded into the centerpiece plate to complement the impeccably woven DoiTung inspired strap, molded in the foothills of Northern Thailand.

The textile is skillfully made to feature a perfect combination of ethnic wisdom of weaving and modern creativity. The traditional diamond pattern usually found on Thai materials is made livelier by color gradients. Shades of blue are harmoniously mixed and sequenced together to highlight the intricacies of the materials.

Col. Thanapol Bhakdibhumi, executive secretary of WBC Muay Thai, has told us about the initiation of this collaboration. Muay Thai is one of Thailand’s national cultural heritage that is a blend between culture and sport. Nowadays, it is a national sport and has become a worldwide phenomenon that has increased interest internationally. Through the Government’s policy to promote Thailand’s cultural tourism, many of Thailand’s potential cultural treasures have been supported, including Muay Thai. Therefore, as one of the nation’s boxing councils that have gained immense popularity worldwide, WBC Muay Thai would like to collaborate with a brand equally known globally to abide by the policy of promoting Muay Thai. Accordingly, the collaboration between WBC Muay Thai and Doi Tung was initiated after the meeting with M.L. Dispanadda Diskul. Both parties have agreed that the partnership will further help popularize Thai culture worldwide.

To illustrate the extraordinary beauty of the Thai woven fabric, the pattern used in the Nai Khanom Tom championship belt was exclusively designed by Doi Tung, using only handwoven techniques from its initial state of spinning the silk to forming the elegant fabric pattern. After the woven fabric was ready, WBC Muay Thai brought it. They created it into the Nai Khanom Tom championship belt as part of a special award to honor the legendary Muay Thai boxer, renowned for his unmatched boxing skill in Thailand and worldwide. On special occasions, the belt will be awarded to winners of elite MuayThai contests.

Apart from the design, the belt is woven from recycled plastic bottle yarns, emphasizing the Doi Tung Development Project’s commitment to be socially and environmentally responsible through the entire production process.

M.L. Dispanadda Diskul, president of the Mae Fah Luang Foundation, has stated that the “Nai Khanom Tom” championship belt is a perfect combination between Thai culture and sport that has been designed by Thai designers, along with the craftsmanship of Doi Tung. Thus the WBC Muay Thai “Nai Khanom Tom” belt has a timeless design that would be treasured worldwide. It has a contemporary Thai design that uses environmentally sourced materials and manufacturing techniques that reflect the mission to help sustain Thai jobs, together with conserving Thai national cultural heritage. He hopes that the WBC Muay Thai “Nai Khanom Tom” belt and the story behind it will set a new definition of “extreme” in Thai support hereafter.

One of Europe’s biggest MuayThai promotions, SuperShowDown events, will host the inaugural Nai Khanom Tom contest at Bolton Football Stadium on October 24, between two top European talents, in what will be a grand stage to showcase this prestigious and enchanting accolade.