Nathan Corbett is a former WBC MuayThai cruiserweight world champion. He defeated Japan’s Magnum Sakai, back in December 2015, to become the first-ever WBC MuayThai cruiserweight champion of the world.

The victory, coming via way of a third-round elbow stoppage, was a defining moment of glory for the Australian fighter, as this victory set him on a path to International MuayThai stardom. The contest took place on one of Australia’s eminent MuayThai events, Xplosion promotions. The WBC MuayThai was represented at the event by former WBC MuayThai Secretary General, Patrick Cusick.

Corbett went on to become a 10-time MuayThai world champion. He continues, to this day, to be a wonderful ambassador for the sport of MuayThai and a proud World Boxing Council MuayThai world champion.