Wednesday, August 23, 2023: On Saturday, one of the most important MuayThai cards in Mexico endorsed by the WBC, called “Rumble in the Jungle Fight”, in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

On this card, the highest award that exists in Muaythai was disputed. Only a few have the privilege of winning the Nai Khanom Tom Belt.

This belt is represented by the image of a warrior legend from the Kingdom of Siam who was a liberator of his people, having as his arsenal only his knowledge and mastery of the art of the 8 arms and famous for being an unstoppable fighter.

This is a recognition that is only given to outstanding fighters with a great career to be able to be candidates for this magnificent opportunity.

The great Australian World Champion and now naturalized in Mexico, Eddie Farrell disputed this title against the best Middleweight in Mexico, Axxel Carrillo, from Mexico City.

Both gave a great show, but the one who took full advantage and made clear his technical skills and power. Congratulations Eddie, who despite having been in a very close fight over 5 Rounds, won by split decision.