Saturday, October 14, 2023: Australia is currently ablaze with jubilation as it revels in the coronation of a fresh world champion. The glorious moment transpired when Alex Roberts seized the highly sought-after WBC MuayThai heavyweight world title, achieving this feat through a resounding unanimous points triumph over the erstwhile reigning champion, Lyndon Knowles. The epic showdown unfolded at the Muay Thai Grand Prix Australia event held in Perth.

This bout, a true spectacle, unfolded as a classic war of attrition between two distinguished and fiercely proud warriors. The newly crowned champion emerged triumphant, securing a hard-earned victory that fulfills his enduring aspiration of claiming the illustrious title of WBC heavyweight champion of the world.

In the aftermath of this epic clash, Alex Roberts now stands adorned with the regal mantle, symbolized by the 👑, signifying his ascent to the pinnacle of Muay Thai greatness.