Monday, December 18, 2023: In a thrilling display of skill and determination, Spain’s rising star, Alicia Chamorro, secured the WBC MuayThai Under-16 light-flyweight world title in a captivating showdown against Italy’s Valentina Cancelo. The stage was set in Southern Italy, where these two young Nak Muay athletes engaged in a fierce battle for the prestigious WBC green and gold global glory.

The match unfolded as a spectacle of MuayThai prowess, showcasing the talent and dedication of the WBC MuayThai youth system. Last night’s event marked a significant stride forward for the development of young talents within this dynamic martial art.

Alicia Chamorro emerged victorious, claiming the world title through a points victory over her formidable opponent. The bout was a testament to the excellence and technique displayed by both fighters, reaffirming their status as WBC MuayThai regional titans.

The global MuayThai community applauds the exceptional performance of these two sensational athletes, recognizing their contribution to the sport’s rich tapestry. Congratulations extend not only to Alicia Chamorro but also to Valentina Cancelo for her commendable efforts in a hard-fought match.

Acknowledgments go to Alicia and her dedicated team for their relentless pursuit of excellence, as well as to the organizers at Danger Promotions for hosting an unforgettable night of MuayThai action. This event further emphasizes the international reach and appeal of MuayThai, uniting enthusiasts from around the globe.

As the WBC MuayThai hashtag echoes the sentiment of the night – #wbcmuaythai – this victory resonates beyond borders, celebrating the spirit of MuayThai, its athletes, and the boundless passion of the global MuayThai community. The journey to the next generation of MuayThai excellence has indeed begun, with Alicia Chamorro etching her name in the annals of WBC MuayThai history.