Friday, January 19, 2024: In an exciting development for MuayThai enthusiasts, WBC MuayThai and Now MuayThai have joined forces to elevate the accessibility of well-informed information, providing enthusiasts with an enhanced platform for gym reviews and bookings across Thailand.

This strategic partnership aims to streamline the experience for those passionate about MuayThai, offering a centralized hub for comprehensive information. Now MuayThai, renowned for its commitment to promoting the sport, is set to play a pivotal role in disseminating accurate and detailed insights into various gyms, facilitating enthusiasts in making informed decisions about their training destinations.

As part of this collaboration, Now MuayThai will host an information booth at the highly anticipated 2024 Amazing MuayThai World Festival. This booth, located at Bangkok’s iconic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium from February 2-5, will serve as a focal point for attendees seeking valuable details on MuayThai gyms, training programs, and other related services.

Enthusiasts visiting the Now MuayThai booth can expect a wealth of resources, including firsthand reviews, facility features, and booking options for gyms across Thailand. This initiative aligns with the shared vision of WBC MuayThai and Now MuayThai to enhance the overall experience for practitioners and fans alike, fostering a thriving MuayThai community.

The 2024 Amazing MuayThai World Festival serves as an ideal platform to launch this collaborative effort, bringing together MuayThai enthusiasts, athletes, and industry professionals. By leveraging this event, WBC MuayThai and Now MuayThai aim to create awareness and empower individuals with the knowledge they need to immerse themselves in the rich culture and training opportunities that MuayThai offers.

This partnership not only signifies a step forward in promoting transparency within the MuayThai community but also reflects the commitment of both organizations to contribute positively to the growth and accessibility of this beloved martial art.

In summary, the collaboration between WBC MuayThai and Now MuayThai marks a significant milestone in the realm of MuayThai, providing enthusiasts with a comprehensive platform to explore, review, and book training experiences across Thailand. As the MuayThai community gathers at the 2024 Amazing MuayThai World Festival, the Now MuayThai information booth stands as a testament to the shared dedication of these organizations to elevate the overall MuayThai experience.