Reading, England – May 6, 2024 – The inaugural Amazing MuayThai Masterclass, held at the prestigious Hilton Hotel in Reading, England, witnessed an overwhelming response from enthusiasts and practitioners alike, marking a significant milestone in the global promotion of MuayThai sport and culture.

Hosted as part of the Thai Government’s Soft Power initiative to spotlight MuayThai on the world stage, the masterclass attracted 320 participants from 21 countries, showcasing the universal appeal and growing popularity of this ancient martial art.

Participants had the unique opportunity to learn from and interact with renowned MuayThai luminaries, including Superbon, Nong-Hama, and Phetjeeja, who shared their expertise and insights, enriching the experience for attendees.

A collaborative effort, the Amazing MuayThai Masterclass UK was made possible through the concerted partnership of key stakeholders, including the Sports Authority of Thailand, WBC MuayThai, One Championship, Tourism Authority of Thailand, and the Royal Thai Embassy in London. MuayThai GB provided crucial support, further underscoring the spirit of unity and collaboration that defines the MuayThai community worldwide and in the UK.

Speaking on the success of the event, WBC MuayThai President Colonel Thanapol Bhakdibhumi said the event showcased the global pulling power of MuayThai and expressed gratitude for the enthusiastic participation and emphasized the importance of such initiatives in promoting cultural exchange and fostering a deeper appreciation for MuayThai’s rich heritage.

With its resounding success, the Amazing MuayThai Masterclass sets a high benchmark for future endeavors aimed at spreading the art and ethos of MuayThai to every corner of the globe, solidifying its position as a global cultural phenomenon and a source of inspiration for generations to come.

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