Monday, May 13, 2024: Sinbi Promotions is set to host a thrilling night of MuayThai action at the Sinbi Stadium on the picturesque Phuket island this May 18th. The event promises to showcase the talent and tenacity of female fighters as they vie for the prestigious WBC MuayThai Female International Titles in two weight divisions.

In the super-featherweight category, Judy Humber from Scotland is primed to clash with Zahra Shokouhi representing Iran. Both fighters bring a wealth of skill and determination to the ring, making this matchup one to watch. With the WBC MuayThai Female International Super-featherweight Title on the line, fans can expect an electrifying showdown as these warriors go head-to-head.

Meanwhile, in the super-lightweight division, Maisha Katz hailing from Germany is set to square off against Kendall Stewart representing Canada. With the WBC MuayThai Female International Super-lightweight Title up for grabs, Katz and Stewart are prepared to leave it all in the ring. Expect a display of technique, power, and heart as these fighters battle for championship glory.

The event promises to be a celebration of athleticism, sportsmanship, and the rich tradition of MuayThai. Fans in attendance and those tuning in from around the world can anticipate an unforgettable night of high-octane action as these fierce competitors lay it all on the line.

Stay tuned for live updates and highlights from what is sure to be an epic night of MuayThai at the Sinbi Stadium on Phuket island.