Perth, Australia – May 18, 2024: The MuayThai GrandPrix Australia delivered another spectacular event on May 18, 2024, at the Perth Convention Centre, where Alfie Ponting from England faced off against Perrault Andrany from French Reunion. This highly anticipated bout, promoted by the renowned Gavin Fuller, proved to be a thrilling five-round war that captivated fans from start to finish.

Both fighters entered the ring with determination and a fierce competitive spirit, showcasing their exceptional skills and resilience. Ponting and Andrany exchanged powerful strikes, strategic kicks, and dynamic clinch work throughout the match, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

From the first round, it was clear that this bout would be a test of endurance and technique. Ponting, known for his aggressive fighting style and precise strikes, demonstrated remarkable control and adaptability. Andrany, equally formidable, countered with swift movements and a relentless attack.

As the rounds progressed, the intensity of the fight heightened. Each fighter had moments of dominance, but it was Ponting’s consistent performance and tactical prowess that eventually tipped the scales in his favor. His ability to anticipate Andranny’s moves and effectively counter them played a crucial role in securing his victory.

After five grueling rounds, the judges rendered their decision. Alfie Ponting emerged victorious with a unanimous points decision, much to the delight of his supporters. This win marks a significant achievement in Ponting’s career and adds another impressive victory to his record.

Promoter Gavin Fuller expressed his satisfaction with the event, praising both fighters for their exceptional performances. “This was a match that truly showcased the spirit and skill of Muay Thai. Alfie and Perrault gave it their all, and the fans were treated to a memorable fight. We look forward to seeing more from these talented athletes in the future,” Fuller stated.

The MuayThai GrandPrix Australia continues to be a premier platform for showcasing top-tier talent and thrilling matchups in the world of Muay Thai. Fans eagerly await the next event, hoping for more electrifying bouts and remarkable displays of martial artistry.

Alfie Ponting’s victory over Perrault Andranny will be remembered as a highlight of the May 18 event, exemplifying the dedication and skill required to succeed in this demanding sport.

He also goes into the MuayThai history books as the youngest ever WBC MuayThai world champion from the island of Great Britain.