Date: May 18, 2024: In an exhilarating showdown for the WBC MuayThai International Super-Bantamweight Title, Bryony Soden of Australia clashed with Emma Usher from Ireland. The event, hosted by MuayThai GrandPrix Australia and promoted by Gavin Fuller, took place on May 18, 2024, in Perth, Australia.

The fight lived up to its billing as a thrilling five-round war, showcasing the skill, determination, and athleticism of both fighters. From the opening bell, Soden and Usher engaged in a high-paced, intense battle, each seeking to claim the prestigious title.

Bryony Soden’s performance was marked by her strategic precision and relentless pressure. Throughout the bout, she demonstrated superior technique and control, consistently landing effective strikes while maintaining a solid defensive posture. Emma Usher, displaying immense heart and resilience, fought valiantly, countering with powerful attacks and proving to be a formidable opponent.

As the rounds progressed, the tension in the arena escalated, with fans on the edge of their seats, witnessing a contest that was as much about mental fortitude as it was about physical prowess. In the end, it was Bryony Soden who emerged victorious, earning a unanimous points decision from the judges.

This victory not only crowned Soden as the WBC MuayThai International Super-Bantamweight Champion but also solidified her reputation as a rising star in the sport. The bout will be remembered as a classic encounter, highlighting the global appeal and competitive spirit of Muay Thai.

Promoter Gavin Fuller and MuayThai GrandPrix Australia once again delivered a spectacular event, contributing to the growing popularity of Muay Thai in the region and providing a platform for top-tier talent to shine. Bryony Soden’s triumph over Emma Usher will undoubtedly inspire aspiring fighters and entertain Muay Thai enthusiasts worldwide.