May 21, 2024: The main event promises to be a thrilling showdown as Italy’s Clemente Verdicchio faces off against France’s Abdellah Keita for the WBC MuayThai Mediterranean Super-welterweight title. Verdicchio, known for his powerful strikes and relentless pace, will be looking to secure the prestigious belt on home soil. However, Keita, with his technical prowess and tactical approach, is determined to claim victory and take the title back to France. This matchup is expected to deliver intense action and showcase the best of Mediterranean Muay Thai talent.

WBC MuayThai Italy Super-flyweight Female Title: Salvati vs. Siracusa

In another highlight of the evening, the WBC MuayThai Italy Super-flyweight Female Title will be contested between AnnaMaria Salvati and Angelica Siracusa. Salvati, a rising star in the Italian Muay Thai scene, brings a dynamic fighting style and impressive record to the ring. Siracusa, equally formidable, is known for her resilience and strategic fighting techniques. This bout is not just a battle for the title but a testament to the growing prominence of female fighters in Muay Thai.

Event Details

  • Date: May 25
  • Location: Dubai Village, Naples
  • Promotion: King of the Ring 9

King of the Ring 9 promises a night of high-stakes fights and unforgettable moments. Fans of Muay Thai will not want to miss this event, which highlights the sport’s growth and the exceptional talent of its athletes.