Camposano, Italy: On May 25th, 2024, the Dubai Village in Camposano (Na) hosted an electrifying event, “The King of the Ring,” promoted by the renowned Mario Vivenzio. This night marked significant achievements in the world of MuayThai, featuring intense bouts that crowned new champions in the WBC MuayThai titles.

Annamaria Salvati Secures Female WBC MuayThai Italian Mini Flyweight Title

In a highly anticipated match, Annamaria Salvati emerged victorious, winning the Female WBC MuayThai Italian Mini Flyweight title. Salvati triumphed over Angelica Siracusa by unanimous decision, showcasing her superior technique and relentless spirit. The bout kept the audience on the edge of their seats, with Salvati demonstrating why she is a rising star in the MuayThai world.

Abdellah Keita Claims WBC MuayThai Mediterranean Super Welterweight Title

The event also featured a riveting contest for the WBC MuayThai Mediterranean Super Welterweight title. Abdellah Keita from France faced off against Italy’s own Clemente Verdicchio. Keita displayed exceptional skill and strategy, ultimately winning by unanimous decision. His victory not only earned him the prestigious title but also highlighted his dominance in the Mediterranean MuayThai scene.

A Night to Remember

“The King of the Ring” event at Dubai Village was a testament to the growing popularity and competitive spirit of MuayThai in Italy. Under the expert promotion of Mario Vivenzio, the night delivered unforgettable fights and celebrated new champions, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next showdown.

As the dust settles, Annamaria Salvati and Abdellah Keita stand tall, their victories a proud addition to the legacy of MuayThai champions.