On the night of May 25, Singapore was electrified by a spectacular display of MuayThai prowess, courtesy of EFC Events. The city buzzed with anticipation as fans flocked to the venue, eager to witness a night that would etch new champions into the annals of MuayThai history.

The atmosphere was charged as the first major bout of the evening featured Singapore’s own Tan Xuan Yun facing off against Thailand’s Nuafah Sor Songtam. The stakes were high, with the WBC MuayThai International mini-flyweight title on the line. From the first bell, it was clear that both fighters were prepared to leave everything in the ring. Nuafah brought his signature aggression and precision, but Tan Xuan Yun, fueled by the support of the home crowd, showcased remarkable skill and resilience. Round after round, Tan’s strategic strikes and unwavering defense earned him the upper hand. By the final round, the judges had seen enough to declare Tan Xuan Yun the new WBC MuayThai International mini-flyweight champion, sparking jubilant celebrations among his supporters.

As the night progressed, the energy in the venue only intensified. The final bout featured a showdown for the WBC MuayThai Singapore light-heavyweight national title. Terrance Teo, a rising star in the local MuayThai scene, squared off against the formidable Vernon Tan. The bout was a true test of strength and strategy. Teo’s relentless pace and powerful combinations gradually wore down his opponent. Vernon, despite his best efforts, could not withstand the onslaught. When the final bell rang, it was clear that Terrance Teo had outclassed Vernon Tan, earning him the coveted national title.

EFC Events’ night of MuayThai action was one for the books, highlighted by the crowning of two new champions. Tan Xuan Yun and Terrance Teo’s victories were not just personal triumphs but also a proud moment for Singapore, showcasing the nation’s growing prowess in the world of MuayThai.