Saturday, June 8, 2024 — Turku, Finland

In a thrilling night of martial arts action in Turku, Paavo Leinonen emerged as the new WBC MuayThai Super Welterweight Champion of Finland. The intense bout saw Paavo going head-to-head with Niko Hintikka, delivering a masterful performance that captivated the audience from the first round to the last.

After five grueling rounds, Paavo’s relentless and harder strikes earned him the victory by points, showcasing his superior technique and determination. The judges unanimously agreed on his dominance, leading to his well-deserved triumph.

In his post-fight speech, Paavo expressed his gratitude towards his opponent Niko Hintikka and his team for their sportsmanship and skill, acknowledging the hard-fought battle that kept fans on the edge of their seats. Everyone extended their thanks to Hamara MMA promotion for organizing the spectacular event and providing the platform for such an exciting showdown.

The event in Turku will be remembered for its high energy and the crowning of a new champion, as Paavo Leinonen steps into the spotlight as Finlan MuayThai hero.