The next digital MuayThai ring officials seminar is two weeks away with the best in the business set to teach an in-depth workshop covering the following….

The core aim of the seminar is to minimize the gap in one’s abilities to act as a competent and knowledgeable referee or judge.

The lead instructors for the course will be Ajarn Thawuth Pluemsamran and Ajarn Wisuth Yingupagarn, assisted by Kevin Noone, and special guest, Youssef Boughanem will join us to help with the physical demonstrations.

Ajarn Thawuth Pluemsamran is the chairman of the WBC MuayThai ring officials committee and also the chairman of the famed Channel7 Stadium ring officials committee, in Bangkok. A fluent English speaker, he is also a University professor teaching Sports Science, for more than thirty years.

Ajarn Wisuth Yongupagarn is the vice-chairman of the WBC MuayThai ring officials committee, a former ring official from Bangkok’s Lumpinee Stadium and currently one of the top ring officials for the elite Petchyindee MuayThai shows at Rangsit Stadium in Thailand. Mr. Wisuth is also an associate professor at a leading Thai sports University.

The Referee: (1pm – 3:30pm)
• The four F’s a referee adheres too
• The mindset of a referee
• Appearance
• Triangle Positioning
• In-ring duties
• Interaction with the Ring Doctor
• Duty of Care for downed fighters
• Commands & Instructions
• Rules & Regulations of the fight
• Duties on Fouls
• Learning from Errors
• The timekeeper

The Judge: (4pm – 7pm)
• Core competencies of a judge
• Ten-Point Must System Explained
• Margins in scoring rounds
• Scoring knockdowns
• Fundamentals of Scoring
• Judge & Analyze Complete Fights
• In-Depth Discussions & Debate

Date: May 29
The seminar starts at 1pm (Thai time)

Registration is Open
Email: [email protected]
The Cost: $40 (US dollars) per attendee