Saturday, July 10, 2021: One man’s misfortune is another’s fortune, but let’s spare a minute to not forget that Liam Nolan’s withdrawal from his fight with Youssef Boughanem for the WBC MuayThai middleweight world title was not his own doing.

He was forced to pulled out due to the travel restrictions between England and Belgium. With that, the number 9 ranked WBC MuayThai super-welterweight fighter, Denmark’s Niclas Larsen has accepted the challenge to face long-standing WBC MuayThai middleweight world champion Youssef Boughanem.

They will clash for the prestigious world championship and the coveted WBC MuayThai Diamond title on Saturday, July 17, in Brussels, Belgium. The showdown for WBC glory will headline the PSM Fight Night.