Monday, August 9, 2021: The sport of MuayThai entices many beautiful characters from all corners of the world. The national sport of Thailand is now a global sport that welcomes and embraces people of all walks of life.

A man based in Tunis is hard at work spreading the good word of the sport and culture of MuayThai in the North African country of Tunisia.

Akram Lachhab, the chairman of the WBC MuayThai Tunisia committee, a former solider in the Tunisian army is now marching and fighting using the science of eight limbs as his weapons of choice.

He has competed in MuayThai competitions across many levels and today is busy sharing his MuayThai knowledge with the youth of the capital city of Tunis.

Mr. Lachhab and his team created Eagle Fight Night promotions to offer opportunities for the youth involved in the sport to compete in a safe and nurturing environment.

Tunisia is undergoing exponential growth in the popularity of the sport and culture of MuayThai, primarily due to the endeavors of Akram and his excellent team.