Wednesday, October 13, 2021: SUPER SHOWDOWN POWERED BY SANDEE. With matchmaking heating up for the HUGE 24th October fight card here in the UK, Brian Calder is delighted to announce this absolute MONSTER of a fight to you all. Yet another World Class headliner:

Nathan Njb Bendon v Luca Falco 63.5kgs


Nathan Bendon has proved himself as one of the UK’s best, having fought many of the best fighters on my events, including Rambo, Jack Kennedy, Chris Shaw, and Brian Totty. He has also faced many renowned and elite opponents on the international circuit and starred in professional boxing. Nathan comes to the ring having had 35 fights and is the two-time British Champion and European Champion and still very young and fresh at 28 years of age, and he is coming off the back of a career-best performance a few weeks ago on my last event he is flying. Earning himself fighter of the night and putting on a very classy display from start to finish, Nathan has that hunger and desire back, something that was missing; the current UK number 2 is on a mission. Will that see him crowned as a future WBC World Champion? Only time will tell, but he is more than up for the challenge.

Facing Nathan is the classy and dangerous WBC ranked number 9, Luca Falco, from Italy. With 28 fights under his belt, he has enough experience to handle this massive opportunity, and being a classy southpaw; this is shaping up to be a brilliant fight. Making his debut on this event, Luca is the current WTKA, and WBC Italy champion. He knows this fight has massive an opportunity for the winner; there is A LOT at stake. Having won WBC titles before the stage is set for this young man to aim for the very top in terms of the belts, which could be on offer should he win, but the same applies to Nathan. Having fought the likes of Manachai before, I am sure you will agree that this fight has like the rest of the card fight of the night written all over it.


And YES, you read that correctly; I am now working with the WBC, “only the best for the best, nothing else comes close” come February, there could be a WBC World Title on the line and to fight for. This green belt is the ONLY belt to have; everyone knows that. So if you have put the work in over the years and we think you are good enough, then all belts from British up to World are a possibility. I am very excited about this new chapter, and so should every fighter be; the lure of that green belt is authentic.

Brian and his team always deliver, and this is no exception. As always, they offer a massive thanks to their loyal sponsors Sandee, Phil Wetten, SAY Scaffolding, and Organic Relief.

Brian would also like to welcome Siam Boxing to the team, with exciting times ahead.
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