The WBC MuayThai and its President, Police General Kovid Bhakdibhumi, is proud to announce Mr. Bryan Dobler as the chairman for the WBC MuayThai in the United States of America.

Throughout his decades of unrelenting passion and devotion to Thailand’s national sport, Mr. Dobler has proven himself to be one of the most innovative individuals in promoting and enhancing the outlook for the sport and culture of MuayThai in the USA.

We are delighted he has now agreed to join the WBC MuayThai to give further opportunities to MuayThai fighters and athletes in the region under the banner of the WBC MuayThai.

Moreover, Mr. Dobler has reiterated that under his leadership, WBC MuayThai activities will be promoted in a fair and transparent manner, offering an inclusive environment to engage key stakeholders involved in MuayThai, stateside.

Concerning all WBC MuayThai activities in the United States, Bryan can be reached via:
[email protected]