November 21, 2021 in Milan, at the BOXESIR gym, a limited number of athletes was held, under the coordination of the WBC Muay Thai italy Youth supervisor prof. Dascanio Ruggiero and assisted by instructors and kinesiologists.

The first NATIONAL COLLEGIAL MEETING for WBC ITALIA Muay Thai “YOUTH” took place. Present at the college were strong athletes who with their presence generated the cream of muay thai Youth from northern Italy.

These are the numbers:

  • The national collegiate starts at 11:00 and ends at 16:00.
  • 10 Youth athletes from 10 to 17 years old.
  • Sum of the MATCH Scores DISPUTED equal to 896.
  • Average of each of 89.6 matches played.
  • 140 is the sum of the years of the 10 athletes, and 14 years, the total average.

These numbers, “perhaps” not necessarily must guarantee the quality of the athletes present, but ensure continuity beyond any reasonable doubt with an evident space for great personal progress.

As Supervisor, the WBC Muay Thai Youth, and the Italy of muay Thai, we can feel satisfied with the first important appointment. Thanks to the President Max Baggio, to Maestro Stradella for the hospitality, to the instructors who on Sunday with true professionalism did their utmost to assist the boys’ collegiate: Mandelli Mario, Pizzi Alberto, Melfa Mischel, Inzani Riccardo, Cortesia Alessandro.

This is for Northern Italy and now we are waiting for the next collegiate students for central and southern Italy.

The WBC muay thai is growing exponentially and you can see it every day even from the belts that are played throughout Italy and throughout the world. ROAD TO “WORLD GAMES” CANADA, August 2022 IS OPEN! ITALY IS THERE.

Best Regards
Ruggiero Dascanio