Monday, June 20, 2022: WBC Cares Japan Chapter has held another successful event in city of Soka which for the first time, combined boxing, Muaythai and wheelchair boxing together.

For the part 1, the real history of Japan boxing was showed. 70-years ago on May 19th, the Japanese boxer, Yoshio Shirai fought with Salvador “Dado” Marino at Kirakuenwhere still known to be the secret place for combat sports, and became the first ever Japanese to became the World Champion in boxing.

The valuable treasured video was shown along with his attires, gloves, shoes were exhibited at the event. Over 70’s years old females have tried pad works with former World Champions on the ring.

The “Wheelchair boxing” session which former WBC World Champions, Naomi Togashi, 3rd Light Fly weight Champion and WBC Cares ambassador tried to fight on wheelchair with Koki Kameda, former WBC Fly weight Champion.

“It’s difficult to throw punches while moving the wheelchair by hand. I have to use my abdominal muscles a lot.” said by Naomi Togashi. 

“It’s rather interesting to be an out-boxer depending on the technique of maneuvering the wheelchair. If this competition becomes widely spread, I think that the fighting style and the structure of the wheelchair will expand in various ways. It’s really fun to do and has great potentials.” said by Koki Kameda.

The specially made wheelchair was presented at this event by “Wheelchair boxing federation”. 

“Wheelchairs used in parasports such as rugby and basketball, the wheels are tilted in outward direction to make it easier to turn, but in wheelchair boxing, the tilt of the wheels is reduced to prevent the wheelchair from rotating due to the force of the punch. To prevent from tipping back, one small wheel is attached to the left and one to the rear.”

For the part 2, the history was made to have WBC Muaythai and WBC boxing join forces by having kid’s session together.

Over 50 children from both Muaythaiand Boxing have participated to show their techniques on what they have been training. 2 of the WBC MuaythaiInternational Champions, Keijiro Miyakoshi and Keisuke Miyamoto have participated to show the techniques of Muaythai and gave session to those children.