Friday, December 15, 2023: Leading the pack is Fabio Pinca (France), a former dual-weight WBC MuayThai world champion, clinching titles in the super-lightweight and welterweight divisions in 2009 and 2012, respectively. Pinca, hailing from Lyon, France, stands as a living legend, sharing his extensive MuayThai expertise with the aspiring generations.

Next in line is Andrew Howson, the English MuayThai luminary known as the ‘Lord of War.’ His fearless fighting style earned him the WBC MuayThai bantamweight world title in 2014, representing the renowned Bad Company MuayThai Gym on the global stage.

Completing this illustrious trio is Fabiano Cyclone Aoki (Brazil), the former WBC MuayThai heavyweight world champion. Aoki secured his esteemed title in 2012 at the Battle for the Belts event in Bangkok. In retirement, he continues to be a stellar ambassador for WBC MuayThai, contributing to the sport’s growth in the United States of America.

Heartfelt congratulations to these three exceptional inductees, enriching the legacy of WBC MuayThai with their outstanding contributions to the sport.