Friday, April 19, 2024: In a bid to bolster ties and promote the sport of Muaythai in Singapore, representatives from WBC Muaythai Singapore and EFC recently paid a cordial visit to the Thai Embassy. The purpose of the visit was to extend a warm welcome to Her Excellency Mrs. Ureerat Chareontoh, the newly appointed Ambassador, and explore avenues for collaboration in advancing the sport.

During the visit, fruitful discussions ensued regarding the potential of Muaythai as a form of soft power in Singapore. Both parties emphasized the significance of leveraging the sport to enhance cultural exchange and strengthen bilateral relations between Thailand and Singapore.

One of the focal points of the discussions was the organization of future Muaythai events aimed at supporting local athletes and fostering a deeper appreciation for the sport within the Singaporean community. By hosting such events, the aim is to provide a platform for athletes to showcase their skills while promoting camaraderie and sportsmanship.

The collaboration between WBC Muaythai Singapore, EFC, and the Thai Embassy signifies a promising partnership that holds immense potential in promoting Muaythai on both a local and international scale. By working together, the organizations aspire to create opportunities for athletes to excel and contribute to the growth of Muaythai in Singapore.

“We are excited about the potential collaboration and the opportunities that lie ahead in strengthening the ties between our organizations and promoting the sport of Muaythai in Singapore,” expressed representatives from WBC Muaythai Singapore and EFC.

As Muaythai continues to gain traction as a global sport, initiatives like these underscore the importance of collaboration and mutual support in fostering its growth and development. The visit to the Thai Embassy marks a significant step towards realizing the shared vision of promoting Muaythai as a symbol of unity and excellence in Singapore and beyond.