In what saw the return to MuayThai action in Italy after months and months of inactivity, Francesco Porcu captured the vacant WBC MuayThai Italy super-welterweight title on last night’s MuayThai Gala in Sardinia.

The classy Porcu overcame a strong challenge from his in-ring rival, Manuel Carta, to take home the prestigious WBC MuayThai domestic championship.

The sport of MuayThai in Italy is seeing a resurgence with the fantastic endeavors of the WBC MuayThai Italy team and with the desire of professional fighters who want to win a coveted WBC MuayThai champions strap

On behalf of the entire WBC MuayThai team, we would like to congratulate Francesco for his win and thank the promotion team for hosting the WBC MuayThai title on their event.